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TVCRA Team Time Trial Results

posted 26 Jun 2015, 05:09 by Mike Smith   [ updated 26 Jun 2015, 07:58 ]

Fanatastic turnout last night for the Team Trial Trail and some great times. Many thanks to all those that helped with signing-on, timekeepers, pushers off and lap counters.
Results below:
Pos Team Name Time Cat
1 GDW Youth A 24.48 1st U16      
3 Team Tor Terrible Two 28.52 1st with a girl      
2 Team Tor Terrific Two 30.1 1st U14      
4 Team Tor Tiny Two 25.17 (2 laps) 1st U2      
Pos   Time 160+ Lady Junior Road Bikes
1 Jjam'ers (Tor 2000) 39.22        
2 Roadies Revenge (Tor 2000) 39.27        
3 Giant Halo Boys (Tor 2000) 39.30     1  
4 2 Old Gits & 2 Little Shits (1st CW) 40.28     2  
5 Somerset Road Club 40.44        
6 Beast Mode (Tor 2000/YCC) 42.08       1
7 GDWRT 42.34        
8 Team Power (SRC) 43.29 1     2
9 The beast and her beauties (Tor 2000) 43.46   DNF    
10 "The Magical Liopleurodons" (Tor 2000) 43.57     3 3
11 SRC-3 43.59 2      
12 Yeovil CC 44.14 3      
13 Tor-ettes (Tor 2000) 44.38   1    
14 linda saunders estate agents crt/notaro windows/kalas 44.54 4      
15 4 none pro cyclist (1st CW) 45.05     4  
16 Team Mental Dental (1st CW) 45.11 5   5  
17 Ollie's Army (Tor 2000) 45.23     6 4
18 Keep calm and carry on, (1st CW) 45.47 6      
19 RNRMCA/YCC 45.56     7 5
20 Cheddar Cycle Club 46.20        
21 The SRC rejects 46.45       6
22 GDW Oldies 46.58 7      
23 Three Men and a Little Frog (SRC) 46.59 8     7
24 What's a disc wheel? (1st CW) 48.27        
25 Angie's SRC favourites (well I hope so) 49.43 9     8
26 Cheddar Cycle Club 2 49.47       9
27 SRC Chicks / SRC 50.00   2   10
28 Tor-mentors (Tor 2000) 53.24   3    
29 Tor-antula (Tor 2000) 56.27 10   8 11

TVCRA Team Time Trial Start Times

posted 24 Jun 2015, 15:11 by Mike Smith

The start times for the Team Time Trial have now been sorted, and to try and get everyone finished before its too late the interval between teams has been changed to 1m 30 secs from the usual 2 mins (1 min for Youths).  Please be at the start 5 mins before your start time, also please warm up in the middle of the airfield NOT on the circuit.

Entry to the airfield is from 6.45, The Youths need to be ready to go asap as they are starting at 7pm.

Anyone wanting a late entry please sign on straight away as you will be starting early.

Entry is £12 per senior team, £6 for youths - please bring the correct money if possible.

In order to speed up entry to the gate, can everyone complete and sign this form please

Mike Smith

TVCRA 4 UP Team Time Trial Challenge

posted 26 May 2015, 14:58 by Mike Smith   [ updated 21 Jun 2015, 14:43 ]

When - Thursday 25th June


As in previous years the Team Trial will run as a combined TVCRA Club activity.  It is open to members of all TVCRA affiliated clubs (NB they do not need to be individual members of TVCRA)

Enter on line here please



Youths - 2 Up TT and 3 laps

Seniors - 4 Up (max)  and 6 laps


As it’s a combined organised event each TVCRA club that is entering a team must provide at least one helper (more if you are entering more than one team).   The helper(s) will then need to sign on before any of their club team(s) - I think Anna will be doing the signing on (so no helper no team entry)

This is a coached challenge - so each team will received written coaching points of how to ride a team time trial upon signing on, if there are any questions please ask one of the coaches on site!


If you can let me know if your club is entering any teams and you have a helper (or two), it would be appreciated.


Proposed Organisation

Signing on - Team Tor 2000
Coach in Charge - Anna Ellington (Team Tor 2000)
Start and Finish Time keeping - 2 x 1st Chard Wheelers/GDW
Lap Counting - Somerset Road Club
Pushing off ( x4) – Cheddar/Minehead/Yeovil
Refreshments - TBC

Gate Sign-on - LSEART/RNRMCA


List of prizes as follows:

Fastest Team - outright (Youth and Senior)

Fastest Team with a Junior (U18)

Fastest Team - with a lady rider

Fastest Team - greatest combine age



£12 per Senior team which goes into the award fund!  

£6 per Youth team which goes into the award fund



TT bike are allowed though cycle helmet must be safety cycle helmet not fairings


Start Times

As soon after 7.15 pm as we can  

Ilton - Thurs 7th May

posted 2 May 2015, 14:29 by Mike Smith

Please note that the Tor 2000 series race scheduled for next Thursday has been cancelled.

There will therefore be training and coaching instead at 7.15pm, with entry to the airfield NO earlier than 6.30pm

Ilton Training - video

posted 24 Apr 2015, 09:49 by Mike Smith   [ updated 24 Apr 2015, 11:41 ]

The camera man was out filming part of the training session on Thurs 23rd April from his rearward facing Contour+ HD camera.  Video footage available on YouTube here

Revised Start Times

posted 15 Apr 2015, 12:35 by Mike Smith

Due to new summer operating hours there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS TO THE AIRBASE UNTIL AFTER 18:30.

Therefore a request for no queueing or parking at airbase entrance before 18:30 to allow operations to leave unhindered.


Giving everyone a chance to enter the base, set up and sign on after 18:30 in good time.

Many thanks for your help ensuring this valuable facility is respected and remains available to us.

Ilton Training 2015

posted 1 Mar 2015, 13:27 by Mike Smith   [ updated 5 Mar 2015, 13:55 ]

TVCRA Training nights will again be on Thursdays this year, and be at RNAS Merryfield, Ilton, Somerset TA19 9HN as usual.

They will start on Thursday 2nd April and run until Thursday 10th September.

I'm just waiting on confirmation of the Team Tor race dates that take place on Thursdays, so will publish the dates when known.

Start time will be 7.00pm sharp on all evenings.

Bikes must be road bikes (that is suitable to pass an inspection at a BC road race), with no discs, tri bars, aero helmets etc. allowed.

There will be a full series of youth coaching running throughout, on a three week rota. Anyone interested in coaching who could spare a one evening in three, please contact me, you will get free membership. You do not not to be an accredited BC coach.


Senior (over 18 on 1st Jan this year) £40

Junior  (over 16 and under 18 on 1st Jan) £30

Youth  (under 16 on 1st Jan) £20

Family  £55 (2 senior plus youths/ juniors living in the same household under 18)

For members signing up before 1st April there is a £10 discount on the above fees (£5 for youths), reducing them to:

Senior £30, Junior £20, Youth £15 and Family £45

Fees can be paid on-line at the TVCRA league page here, by completing a membership form here or at the registration meeting at The Wyndham Arms, Ilton at 7.00pm on Thursday March 26th,).


Day Membership

Club members who do not wish to sign up for the whole series can take out day membership.

Seniors / Juniors £5 per session

Youth £2 per session

The 4 UP Team Time Trial will be on Thursday 25th June.



Ilton Training

posted 1 Sep 2014, 14:16 by Mike Smith

There are just 2 more training sessions left (4th and 11th Sept) at Merryfield airifield, Ilton this year. 

Can all riders ensure that they ride onto the airfield by the control tower access road, and not over or round the barriers.

Youth Omnium

posted 1 Sep 2014, 14:09 by Mike Smith

The final round of the TVCRA Youth Omnium will be held on Thursday 5 September

Results from round 3 of the Omnium have been posted on the 2014 results page

Youth Omnium Results - Round 2

posted 5 Jun 2014, 13:49 by Mike Smith

The 2nd round of the Youth Omnium held on 22 May have been posted on the results page here.

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