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TVCRA Training 2013

posted 10 Mar 2013, 14:48 by Mike Smith

TVCRA Training nights will be on Thursdays this year (replacing Tuesdays), and be at RNAS Merryfield, Ilton, Somerset TA19 9HN as usual.

 They will start on Thursday 4th April and run until Thursday 12th September.

 There will be no TVCRA training on the nights Team Tor run their well established Thursday night races on 2nd & 16th May, 6th & 27th June and 11th July. 

TVCRA training evenings have been extended starting earlier and finishing later in September to give the same number of training days.

The reason for the switch was that there are now almost a dozen races taking place at Westpoint and Dunkeswell on Tuesday evenings during 2013, which would have drawn off significant numbers of riders.

 Start time will be 7.00pm sharp on all evenings.

Bikes must be road bikes (that is suitable to pass an inspection at a BC road race), with no discs, tri bars, aero helmets etc. allowed.

There will be a full series of youth coaching running throughout, on a three week rota. Anyone interested in coaching who could spare a one evening in three, please contact me, you will get free membership. You do not not to be an accredited BC coach.


 Senior (over 18 on 1st Jan this year) £35

Junior  (over 16 and under 18 on 1st Jan) £25

Youth  (under 16 on 1st Jan) £15

Family  £50 (2 senior plus youths/ juniors living in the same household under 18)

 For members signing up before 1st April there is a £10 discount on the above fees (£5 for youths), reducing them to:

 Senior £25, Junior £15, Youth £10 and Family £40

 Fees can be paid at the TVCRA registration meeting at The Wyndham Arms, Ilton at 7.30pm on Thursday March 21st,).

 Day Membership

 Club members who do not wish to sign up for the whole series (£1.25 per night for seniors if you pay early) can take out day membership.

 Seniors / Juniors £5 per session

Youth £2 per session

 The Team Time Trial will be on Thursday 20th June.