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Youth Sign on

posted 19 Apr 2013, 12:43 by Mike Smith
Now that the youth coaching at Ilton is becoming quite popular the TVCRA coaches have put together the following information:

1. Signing on.

All youth riders must sign on.
Day membership for youth riders is £2 per session. 
Youth members must know their membership club when asked.

2. Coaching Groups

The coaching sessions run on a three week rotation and riders are split into three groups.

A. Beginner.

Aimed at younger riders, aged 10 or under, who want to improve their bike skills.
Sessions are always skills based and run on the airfield runways, using cones and obsticles.

B. Intermediate

Aimed at riders 10 - 14 and younger riders with some experience.
Week 1 Skills session
A more dynamic session based around specific skills, such as cornering, braking, gear selection, sprinting etc.

Week 2 Race games. 
Racing 'games' where we try and put learned skills into context, using around a short circuit, easily observable for the coaches so they can give feedback and help improve technique.

Week 3 Omnium racing night. 
A three discipline series of short races comprising a time trial, bunch race and handicap race, so riders can apply their skills in a  entry level, supportive but competitive environment, riders results go into a league table so they can judge their progression.  There is are overall awards for 10s and under , 12s and under, and 14s and under for both boys and girls at the end of the year. Younger and older riders may take part if they so wish.

C Experienced

Aimed at riders 10 -16 who are already competing in races or intend to shortly.

Week 1 Skills session (as above)

Week 2 Coached group riding round the perimeter track (the same route as the seniors).

Week 3 Omnium Racing Night (as above)

Things to bear in mind:

During the Omnium racing evenings due to the numbers involved we cannot run a 'non racing' session for older riders (over 10s)on those evenings. If your child does not want to race, they should either decide to have the evening off, or make arrangements to do their own ride, supervised by parents or a responsible adult clubmate.

We cannot and do not have the facilities to repair, adjust or service bikes. Riders must arrive with a well maintained bike, and if they have a puncture or mechanical problem, above the very basic, must get their parents or helpers to sort the problem out.