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TVCRA Protocol


·         To participate in the sessions the rider will be required to be a member of a TVCRA affiliated club and to become a TVCRA individual member.

·         Membership forms are available on the web site here or from the TVCRA club rep. Completed forms need forwarded to the TVCRA membership secretary; including the correct fee and a stamped addressed envelope. Please allow a minimum of one week for return of your shoulder number

·         TVCRA shoulder number to be shown at the gate

·         Gate opens at 18:30, signing on is from 1840. Training sessions start at 1915

·         Riders must sign on and wear shoulder numbers before riding on the circuit

·         Riders must follow the TVCRA rules whilst riding (outlined on membership form)

·         Riders that forget their number will have to be issued a spare number for the evening at a cost of  £1

·         Riders must follow the instructions of session leader

·         Taster sessions are available at £5 a session see the club rep. for information

·         TVCRA reserves the right to deny or retract any membership.


Non-riders, coaches etc.

·         All non-riders are required to complete a membership form to obtain a pass to access the site. This includes including parents/guardians, coaches etc.



·         To become a member of the TVCRA a completed form and fee must be returned to the membership secretary. No shoulder numbers to said club members will be issued until this has been returned.

·         Club reps are responsible for providing the information to its clubs members not the TVCRA

·         All member clubs are required to provide a representative at the TVCRA meeting if the official rep is unable to attend it is the responsibility of the club to provide a replacement

·         All member clubs will be required  to take a turn signing on, smaller clubs will be merged with other small clubs

·         The duty club is responsible for ensuring that the risk assessment is followed and acted upon

·         The duty club is responsible for checking that the toilets have been emptied and report any issues to the TVCRA secretary 

·         The duty club is responsible for ensuring all others have left, there is no litter on site and to inform the gate staff when they leave